Ignorance is the killer


Maybe Mr Trump should have taken some time to sit down and learn about the things he’s trying to fix?  Security can’t be a throw of a dice. Can’t be a guess or even a chance. Not as long as there’s facts to act on. Guessing is ignorance and not viable in any form or shape.


So what are the facts?

The terrorist groups have changed their modus. Over and over they state that they do not travel. They claim to be represented in every country of interest. The source of that is every documentary possible to watch on the internet. Accept for recruitment films.

The conclusion?

Terrorism is not likely to come through planes or borders. The terrorism is likely to grow from internet. Recent terrorist attacks shows that my guess, studies, interest in the matter is closer to the truth than the white house.

Ignorance is expensive. It causes Muslims to suffer all over America. From bullied kids in schools to a burning mosque. The world is reacting and it gets out of hand.

Stop signing those papers before you know they do any good Trump!





Why a religious test doesn’t reveal terrorism:


Daesh (isis, isil) have (so far) committed three genocides:

1, Against Yazedis. They killed 7000 men and kidnapped 5000 women and children (girls).

2, Christians. A thousand people kidnapped and killed.

3, Muslims. Tens of thousands killed and kidnapped.

Source: Wikipedia.

So, are Daesh Muslim? They think they are and sometimes they deny killing Muslims. However there are too much proof at You Tube and I’m not going to share those movies with you. They are justifying their rampage hiding behind a religion. Causing people not only to suffer in fear in their home countries, but being rejected from a nation they considers safe.

So how do you find a terrorist among religious people? You don’t. Not with a religious test anyway. Not by asking about jihad, since that is misinterpreted to the most Muslims. I’m sure there are ways to get a good idea but when we’re at it – forget about torture.

See the individual. Her rights and her needs.

What scares you the most – Trump or Muslims?

I could never imagine that USA were to put someone like Trump as a president. Never. What you know about USA from growing up in Sweden is that it’s all about freedom. Now that’s all turned over. In less than a week he’s divided the people as not seen since the civil war. I don’t know what will happens but it will not last for four years. I don’t want to see four years of this. The very foundation of democracy has been threatened more than once. The freedom of speech, press, religion – what will be next? If that’s not scary – what is?


So, there is one part of the Americans that sees this type of politics as a go for acting on their own. Bullying children in school, attack grown people that minds their business and maybe even set fire to a mosque in Texas. It’s not confirmed but not unlikely a hate crime. However the Muslims are considered a minority and protected by special laws, I was told. Well see if it works.

This is scary. Really. This is a super power loosing it’s grip over terror organizations so small that the USA can fart them of the planet.

I think Trumps idea of implementing fear into the American people backfired really bad.

The Yezidi woman at the airport


The airport call out her name and inform her that she can not enter the plane to the USA. This is her luggage:

Yezidis practice ancient Mesopotamian religions (not Islam). They speak kurmanji (North Kurdish). They are a ethnic minority. Caught in a trap of hatred. There are estimated 35 mass graves at the Iraqi border towards Syria. The genocide (also known as Sinjar massacre) was conducted by Daesh (ISIS) in 2014. They executed 7000 men and captured 5000 women and children (girls) for sexual slave purposes. Most of them still missing.

For more fact om this visit the website of their American help organization: https://www.yazda.org/

If this women is not granted entrance in the US – then who is?


A sense of war coming…


America goes to war with Islam. Even though Trump has changed the rhetoric a bit defining his fears from “Islam” to “Islamic extremist terrorist organizations”. To most people that matter, I’m sure. But to the Muslim population in America it doesn’t help at all.

Neither does it help to sign a executive order to limit refugees from entering America. Citizens of Syria, Irak, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen will not be able to enter the US.

Well, President Trump want’s to take action. Wants to provide a sense of security to the American people. Which promotes the idea of a religion as an enemy.

Not a kind word have been said about the American Muslims. Nothing about their safety. Who will prevent the children from being called “terrorist” at school? Who will take action to ensure their safety as America now expose 1% of it’s citizens?

And finally: No leader of a “free” country tells media to “Shut up” through his staff. That is not how freedom works. Adapt and overcome.


Breeding racism

The very basis of Swedish law stresses the freedom of speech. Free press. Freedom of opinions and to express them. Freedom of religion. We even have a unique law called “allemansrätten” which basically gives us the freedom to move around and enjoy nature anywhere in the country. We’re lucky. It was a fantastic thing to grow up and understand the luxury of freedom.

Today, as an adult, I learn that America is the only “free world” (country). The only nation that is great and going to be greater again. America is described as the land of freedom, the land that frees other countries and the pride can’t really be described.

What about the racism that permeate the whole society? Give me one news cast that don’t include race when describing someone that committed a criminal act. Remember this? “Three black men and one woman have been arrested in Chicago after they held a white man imprisoned.” That’s just one example of a daily phenomenon. What would have been different if I’d grew up in this environment? Fed with racism and discrimination every day?

 It would probably be completely logical to ban people from the country based on religion.Torture (water boarding) would be okay because the affected will be Muslims. Fast chase out Mexicans because they’re criminal… Where does it end?

It’s NOT freedom to be defined by the skin color you were born in.

The fear of Islam

This is one of the keys to many problems in the world. Islam and what we don’t know about it. As any religion in the world, it’s complicated. A crash course won’t do it and I don’t claim to be an expert.

However, I have come to know bits of Islam mainly through studies at the University of Uppsala and work at a refugee camps. I have shared meals with Arabs, Kurd, Afghanis, Yemenite and most of the countries that probably will be banned entry in the U.S. They have walked rocky fields for months. Slept under freezing stars. They have been hungry, thirsty, received injuries and still, worked their way towards a life where there will be no harm to them.

The harm comes from people who have lost their touch with humanity. Similar to crusades and the Spanish inquisition. “Think like us or die”. No success then and it will be no success now. However, these people can hide under the cover of any religion or ideology and it’s the cover that will be feared. And that has to be addressed.

Even though I have a scientific view of religion I do have a thing for quotes:

“There is no compulsion where the religion is concerned.” / Quran: 2: 256

It’s convenient to label a fear. Give it a name, a color, a face a something that makes the fear intelligible. But it also causes a great deal of danger when the phobia includes a world religion. Distinctively pronounced  by leaders that many people listen to.

I wonder what the American Muslims thinks of all this?

I was googling for a picture from the Washington demonstration against Trump. The picture of a women in hijab. The hijab was the American flag. That’s how I stumbled on the blog Joojoo Azad that actually had a post on it. Check it out to see the picture and read a Muslim take on the things reflected here.