“Alternative facts”

I’m sure Donald Trump have the best of intentions for America. With a heartfelt approach and promises of things “never done before”. He is a businessman  and quite transparent as such. He knows power, he knows how to make a deal, he knows how to – a lot.

I wonder thou, does he knows how to loose? The day will come when he might get a hundred wins but one loss – then, what happens? So far he has shown us not being so great at loosing. As he tends to fight back the world hold it’s breathe in fear.

An interesting example from yesterday… The discussion on who had the biggest crowd att the inauguration continued with advisor Kellyanne Conway sent out on the white house lawn explaining that the white house offered “alternative facts”.

I had a hard time digesting that Trump sent out an advisor to continue a petty discussion about a matter that is the smallest in the world. Where is the dignity in that? And how many of Trump’s staff will appear in the media and make complete fools of them selves on his behalf?

I do hope that when the day comes and a bigger loss is a fact, there has been some training in the act of handling a loss.



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