Angry little man

Not the most interesting discussion in the world of politics but probably the biggest issue at the moment; who had the most spectators – Obama or Trump?

Why would anyone care? Well, someone does because suddenly an angry little man Sean Spicer,  press secretary at the white house, appeared to make a field day for the press. Breaking news of the day is that the presidential administration did have the most spectators “Period!”.

Come on guys! I absolutely expected a statement like that from China or indeed North Corea – but… USA? I sure hope this won’t be significant for the american politics in the future. What happened to the free world?

Judge for your self at this clip from the press conference.

How can you trust someone that dictates what the press should write? The swedish view must be that we really can’t believe that Sean Spicer said what he did. Not possible. Because, if he did, how much effort will he put into the future statements to make us believe what he wants?


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