Leader of the free world

…is an expression that media and American politicians uses every now and then. I try to understand. My world is nothing but free. And Mr Trump is not my president nor my leader.See my problem?

A few things comes to my mind though. In a free world – can media enjoy the freedom of speech? Or, could a angry press secretary dictate the news?

In a free world – can a national leader appoint flaws in the democratic process of election without suggesting an investigation?

In a free world – would you cover your lies behind the new phrase: “alternative fact”?

Regardless of what country, what leader or what party – this is so surreal. In many ways frightening. Who knows, when Mr Trump are done cuddling with Mr Putin, what will happen? I kind of live right in between.

It can’t be easy to become president of the United States. Sky high expectations, a reputation and also the scrutiny from virtually every one in the world. All the press in the world down to… me. A Swedish nobody, astonished by the events taking place on our earth today.



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