Breeding racism

The very basis of Swedish law stresses the freedom of speech. Free press. Freedom of opinions and to express them. Freedom of religion. We even have a unique law called “allemansrätten” which basically gives us the freedom to move around and enjoy nature anywhere in the country. We’re lucky. It was a fantastic thing to grow up and understand the luxury of freedom.

Today, as an adult, I learn that America is the only “free world” (country). The only nation that is great and going to be greater again. America is described as the land of freedom, the land that frees other countries and the pride can’t really be described.

What about the racism that permeate the whole society? Give me one news cast that don’t include race when describing someone that committed a criminal act. Remember this? “Three black men and one woman have been arrested in Chicago after they held a white man imprisoned.” That’s just one example of a daily phenomenon. What would have been different if I’d grew up in this environment? Fed with racism and discrimination every day?

 It would probably be completely logical to ban people from the country based on religion.Torture (water boarding) would be okay because the affected will be Muslims. Fast chase out Mexicans because they’re criminal… Where does it end?

It’s NOT freedom to be defined by the skin color you were born in.


4 thoughts on “Breeding racism

  1. I agree with you. As exceptional as we are, we are not the only ones. In addition, more of our uniqueness comes from our economic beginnings as a total free market system and the experiment in dividing government into three separate but equal holders of power.
    Of course, during the years since things have gotten a little out of kilter. Some would say better, some would say worse. Definitely away from what the founding fathers intended.
    As to racism, it is not nearly as bad in the country as the media would have you believe. I live in the South, blacks and whites mix freely, marry, party together, if there is a huge racial divide it is not affecting our personal relationships. And you can ask anyone, the South is considered by everyone else to be racist (even though it isn’t) but a reputation is hard to live down.
    You come from a great country with a very different history. I imagine we are fairly confusing!


    • Yes, America is confusing. But learning is great. I mostly hear the racial thing in watching American news. It’s a bit strange to me that criminals always are described with color. So, since you’re a real southern: Is KFC good food?

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      • I think description which includes color is actually just that..part of the description. I can certainly understand why it would hit your ear funny, though.😄 I live in Alabama. Yes, KFC is very good but not even close to real home-made southern fried chicken! You would like the south very much.


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