The fear of Islam

This is one of the keys to many problems in the world. Islam and what we don’t know about it. As any religion in the world, it’s complicated. A crash course won’t do it and I don’t claim to be an expert.

However, I have come to know bits of Islam mainly through studies at the University of Uppsala and work at a refugee camps. I have shared meals with Arabs, Kurd, Afghanis, Yemenite and most of the countries that probably will be banned entry in the U.S. They have walked rocky fields for months. Slept under freezing stars. They have been hungry, thirsty, received injuries and still, worked their way towards a life where there will be no harm to them.

The harm comes from people who have lost their touch with humanity. Similar to crusades and the Spanish inquisition. “Think like us or die”. No success then and it will be no success now. However, these people can hide under the cover of any religion or ideology and it’s the cover that will be feared. And that has to be addressed.

Even though I have a scientific view of religion I do have a thing for quotes:

“There is no compulsion where the religion is concerned.” / Quran: 2: 256

It’s convenient to label a fear. Give it a name, a color, a face a something that makes the fear intelligible. But it also causes a great deal of danger when the phobia includes a world religion. Distinctively pronounced  by leaders that many people listen to.

I wonder what the American Muslims thinks of all this?

I was googling for a picture from the Washington demonstration against Trump. The picture of a women in hijab. The hijab was the American flag. That’s how I stumbled on the blog Joojoo Azad that actually had a post on it. Check it out to see the picture and read a Muslim take on the things reflected here.



5 thoughts on “The fear of Islam

  1. America is so full of contradictions that you will find as many Muslims who approve of stricter vetting and a more careful approach as you will find who object. Many moved here to escape that extremist ideology some time ago.
    Most people I know are not afraid of Islam or Muslims. However, we do have a bone to pick with radical extremist Islamists. Most Muslims I know are very nice people and are contributing members of the community. Some of my friends are Muslim, and I believe that is true for most people.
    But..we are a sovereign nation. We have the right to control our borders. We are a republic, not a pure democracy, and we were set up that way for a number of reasons. One of those reasons was to prevent mob rule. Check history and you will find that pure democracy tends to bring on a short life span.
    I like your blog.


    • I’m swedish and I’m not going to pretend that I fully understand the difference between democracy and a republic. I’m getting there. I also believe in stricter vetting. But it can’t be religious oriented. Wherever there are suspicions on a possible terrorist there’s other means. No muslim believes Daesh (ISIS) are Muslims. That you know, I assume. They feel their religion are hijacked by terrorists. Though it’s a fact that Muslims now suffer in the US. This seems to bring out the worst in some people. That Iäm sorry for.

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  2. Ok, democracy is, at its most basic, majority rule. Republics are, of course, a little more complex. I don’t have space or time to cover the history but when the Founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution they established a basic principle: All basic human rights including Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are given to man by God and cannot be taken away even by the government. The Bill of Rights added 10 more to that list that are untouchable even by the majority vote.
    Those men were scholars and they were, most of them well steeped in the enlightenment and were followers of John Locke, David Hume and all of the great political and social thinkers of that era.
    The idea was to divide power so that it could not be concentrated in one man or one group. Thus was born the Executive branch, the Legislative branch and the Judicial. The Administrative arm came much later….I think it was sometime around FDR, although I could be a few president’s off. Anyway, point being, it was never intended or foreseen.
    The Constitution is very explicit about the powers and the duties of each branch.
    Also the Constitution sets up the relationship between the states and between the states and the central government. This is important! The federal government was given certain limited proscribed areas of control and responsibility (you can look it up) ALL REMAINING POWER WAS TO GO TO THE STATES AND THE PEOPLE! We have come very very far from that now.
    The press is mentioned in our founding documents. We do believe in freedom of the press, but we sadly have a very one sided press these days. Didn’t you wonder how Trump got elected if everything was like the media said it was? They do not report many important things and they misreport others. Yes, I thought the crowd size argument was just stupid. I also saw the briefing and saw what happened. Media will try to make this President look bad, just as they worked to make Obama look good.


  3. Thank you! What a magnificent explanation! Honestly, I don’t know about other news providers in the US but those available here are taking sides. That’s another question but I’m aware of the twisting and turning.
    I did respond to you about the sharia in the post “A sense of war coming…” Maybe sharia will be a post but for now – any reactions to my response?


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