A sense of war coming…


America goes to war with Islam. Even though Trump has changed the rhetoric a bit defining his fears from “Islam” to “Islamic extremist terrorist organizations”. To most people that matter, I’m sure. But to the Muslim population in America it doesn’t help at all.

Neither does it help to sign a executive order to limit refugees from entering America. Citizens of Syria, Irak, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen will not be able to enter the US.

Well, President Trump want’s to take action. Wants to provide a sense of security to the American people. Which promotes the idea of a religion as an enemy.

Not a kind word have been said about the American Muslims. Nothing about their safety. Who will prevent the children from being called “terrorist” at school? Who will take action to ensure their safety as America now expose 1% of it’s citizens?

And finally: No leader of a “free” country tells media to “Shut up” through his staff. That is not how freedom works. Adapt and overcome.



3 thoughts on “A sense of war coming…

  1. I am terrified of the hatred in this country. I marched last Saturday at the Woman’s March in Boston and for a short while I felt hope that justice and freedom is deeper then stupidity. I will march in Boston today, giving my voice in opposition to the Presidential mandates of hate.

    We are better than this.

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  2. My reaction to this is that for the past five or six years I have seen more intolerance for Christianity than for any other religion. Also, according to government statistics the minority group that suffers the most physical attacks are the Jews (by far).
    I am in support of sending aid and providing safe zones for refugees until this crisis ends and they can go home. However, I cannot see them assimilating well into the American culture. Sharia conflicts directly with the Constitution for those Islamists who are radicals and I do not wish to convert. The decisions we make today will affect our children and our grandchildren. I do not want to be ashamed of being stupid.


  3. I guess there is suffer all over. Historically it looks the same. But all societies should be aware now when it comes to it’s Muslims citizens. Hate crimes will be committed, I’m sure.

    Sharia is guidelines that provide instructions for decision. It’s not a bunch of written down rules. They can not be implemented in a democracy. Why? Because Sharia need scholars in decision making positions. For that you need a theocracy or dictatorship. That is why Daesh (isis) implements a version they call sharia in stolen land. This is so easy to explain in Swedish…


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