What scares you the most – Trump or Muslims?

I could never imagine that USA were to put someone like Trump as a president. Never. What you know about USA from growing up in Sweden is that it’s all about freedom. Now that’s all turned over. In less than a week he’s divided the people as not seen since the civil war. I don’t know what will happens but it will not last for four years. I don’t want to see four years of this. The very foundation of democracy has been threatened more than once. The freedom of speech, press, religion – what will be next? If that’s not scary – what is?


So, there is one part of the Americans that sees this type of politics as a go for acting on their own. Bullying children in school, attack grown people that minds their business and maybe even set fire to a mosque in Texas. It’s not confirmed but not unlikely a hate crime. However the Muslims are considered a minority and protected by special laws, I was told. Well see if it works.

This is scary. Really. This is a super power loosing it’s grip over terror organizations so small that the USA can fart them of the planet.

I think Trumps idea of implementing fear into the American people backfired really bad.


2 thoughts on “What scares you the most – Trump or Muslims?

  1. Oh my goodness! Which news channel are you watching? Trump has not divided us. Obama was working on that for the last eight years. Where have you been? There have been riots in almost every American city, the BLM movement at war with the police, Ferguson and the list goes on. We hope that this president will be better, but we will have to wait and see.
    His Executive Order actually was vague, if you read it. It didn’t say anything about interdicting travelers en route or permanent residents. I would have read it differently and the President’s Counselor almost admitted as much on national TV. In other words, they didn’t coordinate well enough (or at all) with the security on the ground and they just pulled in everyone from those countries. Now, I know anyone will make mistakes. Trump is unlucky enough to have the media breathing down his back to magnify that, but remember, he has only been allowed to have 3 members of his cabinet so he is operating at a big disadvantage.
    Meanwhile, he has stopped issuance of business choking regulations, he has started the repeal of Obamacare, he has brought new jobs to the country, he has signed an order to waive the fine for not signing up for insurance, he returned 1.5 million dollars to the treasury because he was frugal with his inaugural spending. No, I am not afraid of Trump at all. But then I do not rely on the media for info. Trump has always paid women the same as men in the Trump organization. When he set up Mara Lago Palm Beach, FL was very segregated and his club was ostracized because he admitted blacks and Jews. He had several run-ins with the city and the other organizations, now they are all desegregated but I would imagine that you have never heard about that. If you really go back and look there are lots of stories out there of people he has just randomly helped and he is fair to his people. They will tell you so.


  2. Mara Lago Palm Beach is a Golf Club! I didn’t know that.
    The BLM are violent? That’s the best way to not be taken seriously.
    I do believe he is fair. That’s how you do business and that he knows for sure.


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