Why a religious test doesn’t reveal terrorism:


Daesh (isis, isil) have (so far) committed three genocides:

1, Against Yazedis. They killed 7000 men and kidnapped 5000 women and children (girls).

2, Christians. A thousand people kidnapped and killed.

3, Muslims. Tens of thousands killed and kidnapped.

Source: Wikipedia.

So, are Daesh Muslim? They think they are and sometimes they deny killing Muslims. However there are too much proof at You Tube and I’m not going to share those movies with you. They are justifying their rampage hiding behind a religion. Causing people not only to suffer in fear in their home countries, but being rejected from a nation they considers safe.

So how do you find a terrorist among religious people? You don’t. Not with a religious test anyway. Not by asking about jihad, since that is misinterpreted to the most Muslims. I’m sure there are ways to get a good idea but when we’re at it – forget about torture.

See the individual. Her rights and her needs.


6 thoughts on “Why a religious test doesn’t reveal terrorism:

  1. There have been a lot more than a thousand Christians killed but, yes, I agree. Isis is obviously not religious at all. Or if they are, it is a religion of satanism and evil. I believe most Muslims would agree.
    The extreme vetting is not a religious test. Those 7 countries were chosen for security factors, because they all have terrorist training facilities, high level terrorist leaders and other reasons that are classified. There are something like 20 or 30 countries, maybe more, around the globe that are majority Muslim who can send people in and out of our country and the Executive Order does not affect them at all.
    Once again, be careful of believing media.


  2. It was an American diplomat that provided the numbers of deaths and I think its more over all.
    About the seven countries, the only thing they have in common is that people flees. People suffer and seeks peace.
    It is commonly known that Daesh (ISIS) don’t travel. They claim to be represented in all countries already. They urges all followers to act where they are. And I guess recent attacks shows just that. A new modus. This is what Trump must defeat.


  3. ISIL do actually travel. Paris, Brussels and other parts of France have suffered attacks by them. They travel physically or ideologically exporting their hatred. Whilst the argument about not targeting a religion in search of potential terrorists has a certain academic weight or even morality to it, in practical terms it doesn’t hold water. Imagine your child eats and loves M&Ms and that it is discovered that every one in a million packets are contaminated with cyanide. Your reaction to this would be obvious, no more M&Ms in your house. And as a practical human example during WW2 all German/Aliens and potential Nazi sympathisers were rounded up and interred for the duration to protect ourselves in the UK. But of course not every German was a Nazi. Tough!


    • One of the French attackers had a false Syrian passport. The rest were from Belgium/France. The latest attacks was carried out by people with Canadian and American passports. How do you sort them M&M’s out?


  4. I’m just a humble psychologist who doesn’t preach hatred against either side and have banned M&Ms from my house. But it IS clear that the shrieks of “open borders” “let them all in” etc is never going to work. The issue that needs answering is a combination of how such people became French or Belgian in the first place and how they became of the opinion that murdering people was for a higher cause and would get them into paradise.


    • They were born in France and Belgium. Young fools wasting their lives. Germany and Turkey have flushed lots of them out recently. I think we’re not to forget national work.

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