Ignorance is the killer


Maybe Mr Trump should have taken some time to sit down and learn about the things he’s trying to fix?  Security can’t be a throw of a dice. Can’t be a guess or even a chance. Not as long as there’s facts to act on. Guessing is ignorance and not viable in any form or shape.


So what are the facts?

The terrorist groups have changed their modus. Over and over they state that they do not travel. They claim to be represented in every country of interest. The source of that is every documentary possible to watch on the internet. Accept for recruitment films.

The conclusion?

Terrorism is not likely to come through planes or borders. The terrorism is likely to grow from internet. Recent terrorist attacks shows that my guess, studies, interest in the matter is closer to the truth than the white house.

Ignorance is expensive. It causes Muslims to suffer all over America. From bullied kids in schools to a burning mosque. The world is reacting and it gets out of hand.

Stop signing those papers before you know they do any good Trump!





3 thoughts on “Ignorance is the killer

  1. so much truth in this post. Internet is definitely the tool for recruitment of terrorist groups. thanks for speaking up and out. it turns out Trump did not even bother to consult department of homeland security before signing such an executive order. talk about carelessness, arrogance, or maybe both.

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