Leader of the free world

…is an expression that media and American politicians uses every now and then. I try to understand. My world is nothing but free. And Mr Trump is not my president nor my leader.See my problem?

A few things comes to my mind though. In a free world – can media enjoy the freedom of speech? Or, could a angry press secretary dictate the news?

In a free world – can a national leader appoint flaws in the democratic process of election without suggesting an investigation?

In a free world – would you cover your lies behind the new phrase: “alternative fact”?

Regardless of what country, what leader or what party – this is so surreal. In many ways frightening. Who knows, when Mr Trump are done cuddling with Mr Putin, what will happen? I kind of live right in between.

It can’t be easy to become president of the United States. Sky high expectations, a reputation and also the scrutiny from virtually every one in the world. All the press in the world down to… me. A Swedish nobody, astonished by the events taking place on our earth today.



“Alternative facts”

I’m sure Donald Trump have the best of intentions for America. With a heartfelt approach and promises of things “never done before”. He is a businessman  and quite transparent as such. He knows power, he knows how to make a deal, he knows how to – a lot.

I wonder thou, does he knows how to loose? The day will come when he might get a hundred wins but one loss – then, what happens? So far he has shown us not being so great at loosing. As he tends to fight back the world hold it’s breathe in fear.

An interesting example from yesterday… The discussion on who had the biggest crowd att the inauguration continued with advisor Kellyanne Conway sent out on the white house lawn explaining that the white house offered “alternative facts”.

I had a hard time digesting that Trump sent out an advisor to continue a petty discussion about a matter that is the smallest in the world. Where is the dignity in that? And how many of Trump’s staff will appear in the media and make complete fools of them selves on his behalf?

I do hope that when the day comes and a bigger loss is a fact, there has been some training in the act of handling a loss.


Angry little man

Not the most interesting discussion in the world of politics but probably the biggest issue at the moment; who had the most spectators – Obama or Trump?

Why would anyone care? Well, someone does because suddenly an angry little man Sean Spicer,  press secretary at the white house, appeared to make a field day for the press. Breaking news of the day is that the presidential administration did have the most spectators “Period!”.

Come on guys! I absolutely expected a statement like that from China or indeed North Corea – but… USA? I sure hope this won’t be significant for the american politics in the future. What happened to the free world?

Judge for your self at this clip from the press conference.

How can you trust someone that dictates what the press should write? The swedish view must be that we really can’t believe that Sean Spicer said what he did. Not possible. Because, if he did, how much effort will he put into the future statements to make us believe what he wants?