ISIS, ISIL or Daesh – what’s with the names?


Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) – Levant is a historical geographical term referring to a large area in the Eastern Mediterranean including Syria, Jordan, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon and partially Iraq. This was the primary goal for the terrorist organization to take over. That was the starting point for the caliphate.

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) – the geographic place where the terror organization actually did gain ground.

Daesh – If you say that to one of those terrorists they allegedly cut your tongue out. Why? Because it is similar to the Arabic words ‘Daes’, ‘one who crushes something underfoot’. It is also an acronym for the Arabic phrase al-Dawla al-Islamiya al-Iraq al-Sham (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).

These names bothered Trump quite a bit. He delivered some interesting arguments considering “no general knows more about ISIS than I do”:–or-is-he/2017/02/07/4df69b5e-ed5a-11e6-a100-fdaaf400369a_video.html

Personally I go with “Daesh”. Mainly because I don’t recognize any of those areas being an Islamic State.




Religion doesn’t kill – people do


Historically Christianity and Islam have been involved in war. I would love to recommend books but there’s millions. It’s easy to find online if you’re interested.

Christianity and Islam are missionary religions. Meaning that they do reach out to people trying to share their beliefs. It’s a part of the teaching and it’s taken various displays through the history. Those we’ve herd of are mostly the ones that went wrong.


Now. Religion doesn’t kill. People do. Even that religion has been used to justify just that.

Contemplate this: If every Muslim is a violent killer – how come you’re alive?

Terrorist is what you become when acting on extreme thoughts. No matter what ideology, religion or views you have. When threatening someone, making people uncomfortable for who they are, when acting as you, and only you, know the truth and the world should submit.

So we have terrorism of every religion. And it’s growing right now in America. I’ve seen tendencies that Christians uses their religion to justify hatred towards others.

It’s natural. As the American president claims that “no one knows more about ISIS than I do.” And at the same time he bashes Muslims over and over.

I can’t really see the motive for this strategy. And I can’t really understand why so many people are buying it? I think politicians should leave the religion at peace and deal with the terrorism on all ends. That is the commitment to the people.





Look what happened last night in Kansas, in Kansas!

indiaWell, it was actually five days ago. Adam Purinton walks in to a bar. Complain about two men he thinks is from middle east. He shoots and kill one of them while screaming: “Get out of my country!” A second man tried to stop the shooter and he also got shot and injured.

This is what Trump have achieved. A hatred so fierce that the haters destroy Sikh temples, thinking it’s a mosque, killing a Indian man thinking he’s a Muslim.

Okay, it’s not the brightest people that voted for Trump it seems. But that makes it even more important for Trump to denounce these horrible acts. It’s not okay to terrorize people just because you’re white.

India of course responded as any country would, and will; “USA should respond to this incident. American President and people of America, they should come out openly to condemn such actions… and then take strongest action,”According to India’s officials.

The FBI is now trying to determine if it was a hate crime. The rest of the world knows.

And I’m sorry that man had to die because of ignorance and stupidity.


Do you trust FOX News?

If FOX News is the most watched news in the United States, then a serious amount of people are fed with lies. And this is the channel that Trump prefer? How corrupt is USA?

The fake news staging a Swede as a “specialist” in security and analysis for our government is not the big problem.

The problem is that the world can’t trust the united states. Can’t trust the President that was elected. Nothing appear to be real anymore.

USA was viewed a stable nation. You could trust that the nation would stick to it’s values. Waging war every now and then to protect it’s interests but mostly care for it’s own citizens. fox-news-lies

Now there is a war on media? Whilst the Russians hacks the election, sniffs around the shores and play with missiles? North Korea also plays with missiles and probably shows off their ability to use chemical weapons on the leaders dead brother. And the American president cries about media and how fantastic his numbers was in the election.

When the media asks the questions that the people of the world wants to know, he shuts them out. And sticks to FOX News. The channel that chooses a man convicted of violent crimes, to play the role of a Swedish government employee. And yes, we laugh now but Sweden just got that much more important to represent peace and stability.

First amendment and religion?


What do you see? Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish good from bad. So many opinions, so many voices. So little truth.

I was brought up in a family where lies was the worst. We could be grounded for

Picture: Design by Budi Satria Kwan


ages and I got the message pretty fast. Now I understand why. Being trusted is important. I might not be rich, powerful or important – but you can always trust me. That means the world to me.  Now, I usually don’t bring up things I can’t verify, but now I will. I read a article about Muhammad Ali Jr in Courier Journal.

He’s telling a story about how his name draws attention and authorities in an airport asks if he’s a Muslim. I don’t know about Ali Jr but I would probably have got into a jam. Do they have the right to ask about religion? My interpretation of the first amendment says no. But, I’m more familiar with the Swedish Constitution. It does, however have many similarities of expression. What do you say? Can you be asked about religion in USA by authorities? (Unless it’s a interrogation or so.)


There’s already a problem concerning freedom of speech and free press. What about the religion?

Bye, bye democracy


The White House have fiddled every day for a month now. Every day. It’s like a playground.

One might think that a President would know the difference between civil and military action for example. The sound of that verbal mistake makes the thoughts wander to nations using military on their own people. Al-Assad in Syria for example.

Barring media is a giant step away from democracy. And there are countries that choose what media it’s people are allowed to read/watch. China, North Korea, Iran. And Trump. He selected the loyal media. Get the picture?

There is really no more to say about it. America must wake up. Being a totalitarian nation is a unavoidable way to say goodbye to the freedom.


Q from Sweden: Who is this guy on FOX? Updated: He’s a fraud.


This guy appeared on FOX News last nigt. Our Statedepartment and Defence Forces wonders who he is? He is said to brief O’Reilly on the situation in and around Stockholm.

Link to report from Dagens Nyheter

Update: He changed his name and emigrated from Sweden in 1996. Last known adress – Tokyo, Japan. So does Fox know about the fake? Are they in on this campaign trashing Sweden?