America goes “the emperor’s new clothes”

Iowa BillboardKellyanne Conway invents reality and feeds media. She sounds very convincing and that’s why it’s hard to believe what she says. No matter what she says. The trust is gone with the lies, or ignorance at best. The “alternative facts” statement will follow her for the rest of her life.

Sean Spicer is another person that’s hard to trust. When entering the media room he seem squeezed like a kids tooth paste tube. Ready to explode. He seems to hate his job but love the position. For the most part he did his homework though. Unfortunately you see mostly stress and bad rhetoric.

The big boss has more than a few flaws. So far he’s shown no skills in diplomacy. No tactical rhetoric. Just large and heavy feet clumping around at other countries cost growling about how America has been taken advantage off. He acts like he’s president of the world. He think he can poke around without any reactions. Well, what would he do if someone acted as he does – against him? How far can he go before other countries react?

Someone needs to tell the emperor about the new clothes.

America needs to heal. Quit the far right and far left. Quit blaming each other. Quit jumping each others throats. Stay as one. Stay the land of free and brave. Keep your dignity. That is how Americans will be safe and secure.







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