Hate is the threat to the world

hateNo matter what political side, religion or country you live in. Hate is the enemy and hate is everywhere.

Hate is when you stay on one side and diminish the other. Hate is when you’re blinded and can not see things for what they are. Hate is when you don’t care about what things are. When you stop search for fact. Hate is when you don’t deal with your fears.

As a European I think that Trump has taken advantage of the American fear. And he reinforces it. As for today he Tweeted:

We know from history that fear keeps people in line. We also know that hate is contagious among people in fear.

I personally think it’s impossible to let this into my life. Fear is a natural instinct to survive. Not something that you project on others. To me it’s a question of freedom. Individual freedom. Everybody’s freedom.






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