God save America, please

foundingfThis is going way too far. Even the republicans must wake up and start to question all lies. I’ve been critical, but deep down I’ve believed that this ship must get some wind and head from the cliffs. Eventually.

I’m not talking about Russia, Iran or any foreign politics. This is about Trump. Himself. He delivers a list of 78 terror attacks that’s supposed to have taken place but not been covered by media. It’s interesting that Trump calls a fire in a Swedish mosque for a terrorist attack. The Swedish police didn’t have the same conclusion. If Trump knows anything they don’t – what should he do? Contact the police. Don’t cry to the media. And, by the way, this was well covered in media.


October, 2016

TARGET: No casualties; mosque and community center attacked with Molotov cocktail

ATTACKER: Syrian national

The latest three-four days Trump has claimed, repeatedly, that “it’s happening all over Europe”. “All across Europe”.

Why is it so important to Trump to describe Europe as a burning continent and war zone? Probably to fuel the fear in the American hearts. To justify the actions he’s taking on immigration and wall building.

But it’s not okay to lie. It’s not okay to manipulate people. It’s very unfair to the American people. And the world thinks it’s madness.



2 thoughts on “God save America, please

  1. It really is just growing more insane by the day. This truly is a test of the US system – can it survive a lunatic president or will it crumble? I am sad to say I would not be surprised if the outcome will be civil war.


  2. I guess Trump has no clue that the world is watching. He’s too busy doing his thing, but I fear that someone might decide to remove him from power. Or civil war. Then the terrorist have succeed in destroying the country.


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