Are Muslims the enemy?

Yes I did steal the header from another post. I couldn’t really let go. If that’s what people ponders – then the Islamophobia is explained. If you choose a world religion as your enemy, well then you must use a whole lot of time to be afraid.

The terrorist will always be the enemy. He’s origin doesn’t matter when you loose your loved ones. When your family scatters, or when you do not feel safe. He can be just anyone. But he has first and foremost an ideology on his mind. Whoever he is, that ideology has nothing to do with any theology or religion. It’s all destructive and targets all. Shooting six Muslims in a mosque or target a bunch of people with a truck, we are all affected. It’s a hit against humanity.



4 thoughts on “Are Muslims the enemy?

  1. war between the west and the middle east predates christianity and islam, however. its practically their culture to hate us, with over 8,000 years of history reinforcing it. not to say that can’t change but we need to change that before we let them pour into our countries unchecked. a report released indicating isis has helped 90% of refugees get to the west as a part of their plan to take over the west. i wrote an article about this a day or two ago.


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