IS fleeing in Syria and Iraq – where do they go?

As the Islamic State (IS) strongholds gets weaker it appears as not everyone is aiming for imminent paradise. Many extremists chooses to flee, according to Iraqi and Syrian news sources.

People lack food and water in an isolated Mosul, Iraq. IS tell them to go fish in the river. Meanwhile IS prepared sulfur mustard at the University of Mosul. (Confirmed by Pentagon) Mass executions of fleeing civilians occurs on a daily basis. In Syria 61 civilians are said to be killed in the last 24 hours.

According to IS executed seven of its own fighters after they attempted to flee one of its secret camps in the region. IS militants are entering Kirkuk everyday hiding among refugees, and dozens of them are currently at refugee camps.” said Hussein al-Jubouri, a commander of al-Shohadaa brigade, one component of al-Hashd al-Shaabi.

What about help screening on location? Those extremist should never get away from their crimes.

There’s so many countries on the ground in Syria and Iraq, fighting IS. And it works. But what happens after the fighting? Where do the extremists go? Are the world prepared?




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