Stop killing the Kurds! (read and share)

ypgThe Kurds (YPG) in northern Syria and Iraq were among the first to create a resistance against Islamic State. Now they are being shelled by Syria’s  Tal Rifaat Military Council affiliated with Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Sometimes the agendas don’t match the words. FSA is supposed to aim for removing Assad in Syria but now they seem to be aiming at the Kurdish people.

YPG liberated the city of Kobane in 2014 from ISIS. Since then they have played a major role in many liberated areas. The fight in Sinjar (where ISIS killed 7000 Yazidi men and kidnapped 5000 women and girls) is another example of the Kurdish achievements in the war on ISIS.

YPG have a female branch (YPJ) and together they fight alongside with anyone that have the same goal; Syrians, Turks, Americans, Europeans and Yazedis.

The proof, a video: watch here

Video Courtesy: MMSSYRIA

This is not okay. Killing minorities must stop. Now. Spread and share!




2 thoughts on “Stop killing the Kurds! (read and share)

  1. I would like to add that the Kurds should be called Kurdish refugees, not Syrian refugees. I think there is a huge difference and that they should be treated differently. If there is proof that a family is Kurdish, then for heaven’s sake call them what they are and bump them up the line!

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  2. Kurds are lovely people and they belong in Rojava. Hopefully other nations will recognize their nation. Did I write Syrian refugees?


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