Have you served in armed forces?


Beside learning to make your bed and handle your gun there’s something very important you get to learn. I guess most of the worlds service men and women goes through it – The Rules of Engagement (ROE). The rules that keep medics from being hurt as well as civilians and other non-combatants. Now I have come by  the counterpart of Islam:

When the Holy Prophet(sa) engaged in a battle, he used to firmly order that:

  • No woman be killed;
  • No children be killed;
  • The old not be impeded;
  • Nothing be said to the refugees, monks or hermits;
  • No person be set on fire;
  • No animal be killed;
  • No tree be cut down;
  • Unlike your enemy, no person’s nose or ear be cut off.
  • Then having been victorious, he used to proclaim:
  • No injured be killed;
  •  Do not pursue unnecessarily anyone who escapes

That should help us distinguish between a terrorist and a Muslim, right?


From the Booklet:   Islam – a peaceful Religion by Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V.


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