3 Quick facts about Islam

There’s many aspects of Islam that’s difficult to understand for a Western. We learn the five pillars, that there is a  Quran and a mosque – in elementary school and that’s it. That is what we have when meeting Muslims in our daily life. Those are our references while watching TV and learning about terrorism and extremism. However, we shouldn’t settle for less than the truth. Fair and square. There’s so much information out there that isn’t true about Islam. The more we hear it the more we’re likely to believe it.

islamic-artHijab – Oppression

There’s a decree for hijab in Iran, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. (Could be locally on other places) In the rest of the world it’s optional. Women groups in Iran opposes the law to wear hijab, as it’s not a choice by their own will. That makes the urge to ask every Muslim woman if she’s oppressed a bit redundant, right?

Shariah law – Western country’s

Somehow a profound fear of Shariah law found it’s way into the western society, especially America, to scare the living daylight out of people. Webpages have popped up and blogs are filled with non true information about Shariah. Well, in a democracy the people need to agree to implement Shariah. As long as the people don’t want Shariah – there is no Shariah. That’s it. A brief explanation of Shariah ->> READ HERE!!

Terrorism – Politics

Terrorism – the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. -Google

There’s no relation between religion and terrorism. However, people of any religion can turn into terrorists. KKK and al-Quaida, for example. Actually Islam have Rules of engagement just like the west. ->> READ HERE!!


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