Laugh or choke?

wtfYes, I’m Swedish. And I was sitting in my not-IKEA sofa doing some work listening to CNN. Yes, I know they are biased but still, I can read between the lines. Suddenly I hear about a terror attack in Sweden. Honestly, I didn’t jump. If it was true I’d known about it. Right? I checked it out to be sure and when I was, I got angry. This is something Trump does repeatedly. Making people scared using Europe as the bad example. Why are we supposed to compete? It’s no benefit in competing when you can work together and keep those extremists out?

Swedish media was puzzled, not to mention our politicians. What was he referring to? Or is this fake news in the making? Then the truth unfolded – FOX News had a report showing pictures from a suburb riot 2013. (Not related to refugees) The report was made in collaboration with a Swedish right wing extremist and angled to the extent it would never have made it in a Swedish news program.

So, I wonder if FOX feeds Trump or the other way around? Something must be terribly wrong when you watch real fake news and then do the mistake to refer to them? Isn’t it embarrassing? I mean, who can you trust?

You do have intelligence service, right?







3 thoughts on “Laugh or choke?

  1. Respectfully curious about what your thoughts were on the recent 60 Minutes video and story that showed reporters physically attacked by fairly aggressive refugees and the reporting about the high level of unemployment refugees face. Idle hands …


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