Why Trump looks like a fool in Sweden

stockholm“-You look at what happened last night in Sweden!”

I looked and I looked but there was nothing to see. Middle of the night, dark, chilly but nothing worth mention in a rally in Florida. It was kind of natural to look for a terror attack since Germany and other previously targeted countries was mentioned. And “last night” is quite specific.

So, when you’re facing fake info from a quite influential person you start to wonder – what was that about? As a swede I love sources. Check the facts. We’re not that familiar with fake this and that. So when it came out that “last night” meant that Trump had watched television it started to feel a bit awkward. Using television as a source when it comes to international relations – what was he thinking?

It didn’t quite end there. Trump was actually fed fake news. The report from Fox News were not based on facts. The footage was four years old. Sweden was described as a war zone having refugees committing violent crimes and it had got out of hand.

Let’s look at the truth for a change:

Violent crimes has gone down the last years in Sweden although crimes in general has gone up. The reason for that is a spike of computer frauds.

Sexual violations includes all offenses in Swedish statistics. Specific crimes (such as rape) are not counted.

“Unfortunately, we are seeing a general upward trend in inaccurate information,” Foreign Minister Margot Wallström said Monday. And she’s right. There’s currently a lot of political reports spreading Islamophobia posting as “news”. I don’t know if Fox News had that information as they ran the report but Trump, for sure, fell into that trap. The creator of the “fake news” phrase.

Well, Trump’s supporters, that seem to let go of everything unchallenged, starts to dig for statistics, rumors and anything that can discredit refugees and Muslims in Sweden. Of course the few neo nazis that Sweden have starts to hand out false facts. Like the report from Fox News.

That said, it doesn’t matter what origin, religion or political views you have – no crimes are okay.



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