I would like to go to Dearborn

downtown_dearbornIt’s a city in Michigan targeted with myths over and over again. According to Google 98,153 people lives there. So it’s a small town. However, people have repeatedly claimed that Shariah law is implemented, that Christians have been stoned and that there have been a Muslim take over. The rumor that Daesh (ISIS) held a rally there is also interesting.

The Shariah law thing was invented by: http://nationalreport.net/ They claim to be: “A news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways.”

Great! However, Shariah cant be implemented in a democracy. That no one seem to know.

How about the stoning of Christians? Well, a yearly festivity was going on among the Muslim residents and a bunch of (extreme?) preachers / Christians took the opportunity to interfere. (That’s what Christians would say if they were keept from their Christmas dinner by Muslims.) People got annoyed and and I can only assume that sooner or later plates are flying. And just for the record, that is not how I perceive Christians.

fakrdearbornIn contrary to the myth there was a anti-ISIS rally. Allegedly Facebook users thought it was a pro rally. The proof was this picture. Imagine if it was truth. Then politicians would use it daily to scare people. But no, this was really fake news.

I saw a short You Tube clip with a couple of Americans filming from a car. They targeted Arabic shop signs, peoples houses and yards. They tried to contact people in the street, but they didn’t get any response. Imagine a bunch of Arabic guys yelling from a car outside your home.

My personal thoughts

Dearborn seem to have a variety of people. But there seem to be a lack of integration. A lack of knowledge how to approach people of another culture. For example, using “they” and “them” are excluding words. How can you expect people to integrate if not invited?

I would like to visit Dearborn. I never had a wish to go to the US, but Dearborn seem to be the place! They probably have really great food, nice people and not so cold?







7 thoughts on “I would like to go to Dearborn

  1. I would visit elsewhere and Michigan is cold in the winter! The Great Lakes area in the US is a beautiful area to visit in the summer. Dearborn has a steadily declining population over each of the last 5 years (your stat was from 2010).

    Per this website, Dearborn was 87.6% white – not sure I would describe them as a variety of people.

    I suspect people are leaving the area based upon the following information: “Based on FBI crime data, Dearborn is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Michigan, Dearborn has a crime rate that is higher than 91% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.”


    I don’t dispute all of the over-reaction and fear-mongering that you found on the internet. I do enjoy your blogging and the perspective from the other side of the pond though. Thanks!

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  2. Yes, people have posted some really outrageous things about Dearborn. There are some extreme factions there, but much less of that I feel comes from Islamic groups. I recall posts from a politician in Dearborn, he had his facts on Muslims all wrong. Most of his posts were easily debunked in the long run, which makes me thankful and hopeful for all those who think for themselves.

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    • Not many people have a clue about Islam or Muslims. I can understand the fear of this and that when politicians scare people, but hey – did someone open a book, ever? Or is internet going to be the “truth” from now on?
      It’s not okay.
      So you know Dearborn? I was told they had implemented Shariah, so I had to find out more. Not likely, but still – many people seem to believe it.

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      • Yes, I know of Dearborn, never been there, but have friends who live here. And no, no one can implement shari’a over US federal and state laws. Granted people are allowed to practice their respected religious laws, within reason and sometimes we have seen people from different religions abuse that protection. They can implement shari’a or values defined under Islamic laws on themselves and family members, as Shari’a also includes human values: honesty, modesty, tolerance. But if they try to force and abuse others into accepting traditions of Islam, this can be considered illegal and people can be held accountable by US laws.

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      • Oh I should add, some practices that fall under “shari’a” can vary from different sects, cultures, and origins of nationality. Some sects, as I have experienced, try to push their own “ideal” form of shar’ia on new converts and muslims; ideals like polygamy, marrying children, but these practices are essentially illegal in USA. If US government finds any adult male marrying a minor the state will pursue charges. Likewise, if a man is married to more than one woman this can never be considered a legalized marriage by US laws, though some Muslims might secretly live with a second wife, it is a practice they have to suppress to avoid the wrath of US courts. A good place to start researching how US law, religious rights and beliefs collide is by reviewing the history and practices of the Mormon groups like FLDS, Jehova’s witnesses, and other religious groups or cults with a history in USA, who are known to enforce their own beliefs on others and how US government and laws intervene. You will not find much on this with Islam, because it has not been a big problem in US society and the history is not as extensive.

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  3. I appreciate your words very much. I’m a theologian and have a good idea about Mormons and Jehovas. We have them here in Sweden too.
    About Shariah, approximately 5% is about penalties. The rest is about worshiping, family, economy and such. It’s the 5% and extremism that scare people. And some influential political leaders. And the 5% are illegal in just about every country, but three? You know, this is not so complicated at all. I did explain Shariah in a earlier post. (The most viewed post btw) But I could improve it.


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