Like losers always do…

Daesh (ISIS) is loosing ground. From an area the size of United Kingdom to what seems to be a fraction. From glorious fights (endless killing), endless markets of captured women, endless stream of oil and income. From creating their own laws. (For example, there were two guys and only one pair of shoes one morning. They fought and the commander issued a law against personal property. It was okay to pillage from each other.) From chasing people away to seize their houses, live stocks, cars, villages and, well – everything.

The prohibitions were endless. No phones, cars, tobacco, no music, no shaving beards, no western haircuts, no sports could be exercised.

A few more “laws” from INDEPENDENT 

So comes the day when things turn. Armies, militia and numerous groups closing in. Supply routs being cut off, no food, no weapons, no enforcements – just war. This is where the losers start to do what losers do. Some fighters cut their beard and try to run. Most seem to be found and executed by their own. They start shoot at each other and force civilians to fight. More executions as the civilians are “cowards”. Suicide bombings increase. Office staff are forced out to fight. “Shariah centers” are closed. Everyone that can shoot are forced to fight or be killed.

No or very little propaganda reach the social media. Reporters dare to find their way in and television start to report live again. That’s where we are now. This is what’s happening right now in Mosul, Iraq and Raqqah, Syria and on other places.

As for today, Daesh issued a list of 143 fighters that deserted. They are to be arrested. Daesh also send in drones and fighters in liberated areas to kill civilians. Yesterday 94 civilians was reported killed in Syria. For no reason. So many people. All beliefs. All ages.

Near hundred mass graves are found, so far. Up to 15,000 people in each. Most of the dead are civilians.

And here, in the west, while the world is burning people discuss hijab and veils on politicians? Oh, and there’s a peace conference somewhere.

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