First amendment and religion?


What do you see? Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish good from bad. So many opinions, so many voices. So little truth.

I was brought up in a family where lies was the worst. We could be grounded for

Picture: Design by Budi Satria Kwan


ages and I got the message pretty fast. Now I understand why. Being trusted is important. I might not be rich, powerful or important – but you can always trust me. That means the world to me.  Now, I usually don’t bring up things I can’t verify, but now I will. I read a article about Muhammad Ali Jr in Courier Journal.

He’s telling a story about how his name draws attention and authorities in an airport asks if he’s a Muslim. I don’t know about Ali Jr but I would probably have got into a jam. Do they have the right to ask about religion? My interpretation of the first amendment says no. But, I’m more familiar with the Swedish Constitution. It does, however have many similarities of expression. What do you say? Can you be asked about religion in USA by authorities? (Unless it’s a interrogation or so.)


There’s already a problem concerning freedom of speech and free press. What about the religion?


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