Do you trust FOX News?

If FOX News is the most watched news in the United States, then a serious amount of people are fed with lies. And this is the channel that Trump prefer? How corrupt is USA?

The fake news staging a Swede as a “specialist” in security and analysis for our government is not the big problem.

The problem is that the world can’t trust the united states. Can’t trust the President that was elected. Nothing appear to be real anymore.

USA was viewed a stable nation. You could trust that the nation would stick to it’s values. Waging war every now and then to protect it’s interests but mostly care for it’s own citizens. fox-news-lies

Now there is a war on media? Whilst the Russians hacks the election, sniffs around the shores and play with missiles? North Korea also plays with missiles and probably shows off their ability to use chemical weapons on the leaders dead brother. And the American president cries about media and how fantastic his numbers was in the election.

When the media asks the questions that the people of the world wants to know, he shuts them out. And sticks to FOX News. The channel that chooses a man convicted of violent crimes, to play the role of a Swedish government employee. And yes, we laugh now but Sweden just got that much more important to represent peace and stability.


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