Religion doesn’t kill – people do


Historically Christianity and Islam have been involved in war. I would love to recommend books but there’s millions. It’s easy to find online if you’re interested.

Christianity and Islam are missionary religions. Meaning that they do reach out to people trying to share their beliefs. It’s a part of the teaching and it’s taken various displays through the history. Those we’ve herd of are mostly the ones that went wrong.


Now. Religion doesn’t kill. People do. Even that religion has been used to justify just that.

Contemplate this: If every Muslim is a violent killer – how come you’re alive?

Terrorist is what you become when acting on extreme thoughts. No matter what ideology, religion or views you have. When threatening someone, making people uncomfortable for who they are, when acting as you, and only you, know the truth and the world should submit.

So we have terrorism of every religion. And it’s growing right now in America. I’ve seen tendencies that Christians uses their religion to justify hatred towards others.

It’s natural. As the American president claims that “no one knows more about ISIS than I do.” And at the same time he bashes Muslims over and over.

I can’t really see the motive for this strategy. And I can’t really understand why so many people are buying it? I think politicians should leave the religion at peace and deal with the terrorism on all ends. That is the commitment to the people.






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