Four Mosques Have Burned In Seven Weeks

fearHow do you feel safe in America? How is it becoming great again? The threat to the people seem to be greater than ever.

As a Swedish citizen I could choose not to care. But no, we all have a obligation to keep the western countries democratic and peaceful. Anything else is welcoming chaos. You can call it extreme, totalitarian, dictatorship or what ever you want but there’s a reason that people are coming to us from countries suffering from these conditions.

“On January 7, the Islamic Center of Lake Travis, in Austin, Texas, which had been under construction, caught on fire. A week later, on January 14, the Islamic Center of Eastside, in Bellevue, Washington, burned.

Two weeks after that, on January 27, several hours after President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, a fire destroyed the Islamic Center of Victoria, in Texas.

Then, this past Friday, February 24, a small blaze broke out at the front entrance of the Daarus Salaam Mosque, near Tampa, Florida.”… “In recent weeks, scores of bomb threats were called into Jewish community centers and schools around the country and graveyards in Jewish cemeteries in three states were vandalized.” BUZZ FEED NEWS


How do you feel safe in America? How is it becoming great again?





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