Who’s next?


Being a Jew in America these days can’t be easy. Massive threats in various shapes on a daily basis. How do you handle that? How do you explain that to your children? It’s hard as an adult to understand. What happened?

Well, there are connections between the White House administrations and far right extremism. Also know as neo nazism. People that acts on their beliefs feeling safe having allies in the White House. We’ve seen them trying to smear Sweden. The links are out there for everyone to see. The hatred never rested.

Unfortunately I think USA doesn’t have the sets of laws to prevent these kind of outbreaks. In Europe we learned the lesson during WWII. However, USA does have the capability to deal with it. So, do they? I’ve herd no development so far.

First the Muslims, then the Jews – who’s next? Who else can America hate to feel good about them selves?

Photo: Krakow Jewish cemetery


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