The Russian ambassador to USA, has a habit

telephoneWhen you’re bored, cannot sleep, when it’s raining, out of ice cream – call an American!

Preferably one that will have a tremendous amount of power if all works out. Oh well, there’s the hacking that must work. A general perhaps? Or that attorney, what’s he’s name? Ah, it doesn’t matter. They’re all useful. That’s whats counts. Where’s my phone book? Let’s go to work! Who knows, maybe we can get a pilot vessel when probing the American shore?


14 thoughts on “The Russian ambassador to USA, has a habit

    • Well, they weren’t politicians at the time. They were groomed by a spy, according to FBI. It looks very bad to the world. What is Russia planning for USA?


      • Really? Well the Russians are anything but innocent. Keep an eye on them. You seem to have them hanging around.


      • My family is Russian. Can’t lie i got some sympathies, however i am skeptical of trump’s ties to russia. I just find it hard to ignore the hypocracy while at the same time the whole story seems like its grasping at straws


      • Also obama and hillary cooperated with russia giving them our uranium and allowing for more “leeway after the election” as obama said on a hot mic to valdimir medvedev. For trump to be a russian operative doesnt make sense unless you accept hillary and obama were as well.


      • If you’re Russian you know that Russia take their chances. Georgia and Krimea for example. Besides, if Russia and USA would go to war all the junk would fly over my poor Swedish head. πŸ™‚


      • Afraid so. They have no regard for human life. They have certainly infiltrared the government and intellectual insititution of the united states. However the ideology russians usually back is the far left. They want global communism and dominance. I just dont see that in trump. I am not convinced hes innocent, im not convinced these connections are legitimate either. I’d wait until we can see any real evidence. Until then i approach reporting trump with little kids gloves and praising him when he does good, and try to express things he does wrong. So far though im mad that i cant do that because i find myself more often than not defending him.


  1. So Russia haven’t changed? Same philosophy as 100 years ago? No, that’s not Trumps way. Even though their philosophies probably meet somewhere. You can be sure Putin dusted the junk off and pointed them already at USA. (if he ever took them down after the cold war.) Trump will have it served in the briefings.


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