Fresh news about Mosul, Raqqah and fleeing terrorists

patchYesterday Daesh closed 20 checkpoints in Mosul and they search houses and civilians for devices that can be used to inform the world outside the encircled areas.

Thousands of people are fleeing both Mosul and Raqqah. Mainly in fear of Daesh and the bombings. The Iraqi security are screening everyone and arresting many suspected Daesh terrorists.


The American army held it’s weekly briefing last night on the status of liberating Raqqah and Mosul . It’s the medias main source so if you are interested in facts – this is it! Geneeral Townsend from Bagdad:” target=”_blank”>Operation Inherent Resolve

If you don’t have the time:

General Townsend said that one important task is to keep the different participants in line and focused on Daesh. There are many groups with various opinions on each other.Turkey have attacked the fighting Kurds several times and Russia accidentally bombed Syrian Arabic Liberation in an airstrike. No one seem to know where the Iranians are and al-Nusra and Turkey wants to remove Syrias al-Assad.

Foreign fighters doesn’t arrive in large numbers any more. From 2000/month a year ago to maximum 200/month today. Very few foreigners try to leave the encircled cities. They are probably told to stay and fight, Townsend says.

He also said that when Americans are shot at they respond accordingly. Other than that they don’t participate in combat. Their role are supportive.




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