Very little politics and quite a bit insanity

When you think about the institution of the American president, you think trust. You see the unity between the president and the people. They might not always agree but you did get the feeling that the people had his back and he had their back. For better or for worse.

Now the view have changed thoroughly. And it’s kind of shocking. The latest example, of many, is that Trump think he’s been wiretapped. Well, I too would react but I would find the authority who could sort things out with me. But he didn’t. He turned to Twitter. I mean, who does that?

This is not politics. This is not about being democrat or republican. This is about something else. There are other examples that’s not politics. The inauguration crowd, the continuously smearing of Hillary and Obama. The promise to throw out the Muslims.

It’s weakness. Things done by a person that’s very insecure. That doesn’t have the inner strength to stand by himself. To create his own presidency. Lay his own ground where he’s secure. To call out all you think is bad is not the way forward. Not as an individual and even less as an institution.

If I was to give it a movie title it would be Titanic 2.

But it’s a beautiful morning in a cold Sweden:



6 thoughts on “Very little politics and quite a bit insanity

  1. In sort of reverse order:

    Trump WAS wiretapped – unless the warrant was issued but never acted upon, which is doubtful to the point of ridiculousness. The only question is how far up the chain of command in the Obama Regime the knowledge and approval thereof went.

    Trust? Maybe as a foreigner you can have that fantasy but we Americans woke up to reality years ago. It’s been a very long time since those not of POTUS’ political affiliation have felt any trust for said POTUS and that got a lot worse under Obama’s attempt to rule.


    • If a a warrant was issued it’s a minute job to find out who made the request and why. Here you have to be subject to a investigation for being wiretapped. Our law is very strict about wiretapping.
      About POTUS, I’m sure you didn’t wait for a change in the direction of misstrust for the rest of the world? Because of all stupid, unnecessary things that have happens? It’s hard to believe that because you’re a republican you like to be lied to by the government? Or have them chose for you what news to read? That’s like the old Soviet.


      • Here in the states, we can’t easily get the data on exactly who and why such a warrant was issued. The FISA courts are “secret” in that the details of requests are not revealed.

        And, as an American, why would I ever wait upon the opinions or feelings of foreigners? Do you as a Swede wait upon America’s opinion, trust, or distrust before forming an opinion on domestic matters?


      • Well, what America does or doesn’t do sometimes matter. Most of the world outside the US don’t think this will last very long. It create some tensions around the world and of course there’s a few of us that are interested and follow whats going on.


      • Yep. That’s the sad way of things…but not what I was talking about. I was talking about your opinions and waiting to form them until shifts in foreign opinion of the matter at hand is known. I’m doubting or, at least hoping, that you don’t do that when it comes to primarily internal matters.


      • I say as Spencer, We’ll see how things play out. World politics is a eternal puzzle and interesting to follow. That’s it on my part.


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