A gap in the reporting from Syria and Iraq


It’s silent. No reporting from Syria or Iraq. No weekly press conference from Pentagon since ten days. Well, we know there are more Americans on the ground, but other than that?

As the fight is going on and people still dies, I would like to know. Kind of being reassured that things are going the right way.

Turkey disapprove that the US cooperate with the Kurds. On the other hand the Kurds have proven to be very able to take on Daesh. So far the Kurds have done most of the work defeating Daesh. Despite the fact that Turkey launch attacks on the Kurds every now and then. As a member of Nato Turkey probably causes headaches to the US.

The Turkish foreign minister says to Russian Television (RT) that Turkey could solve the Syrian and Iraqi problems on their own. Syria’s Bashar al-Assad says to Chinese television that only Russia is invited on Syrian ground. The rest are invaders.

The notable news today, Daesh destroyed fake ancient items. The real ones were sold according to Iraqinews.com


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