4 dead, 12 injured and a man arrested

The Swedish police are seeking information about this person

4 people are confirmed dead and  12 people seriously injured in Stockholm, Sweden. The attack happened at Drottninggatan, the very heart of Stockholm. A truck ran in to a crowd of people. It has the hallmarks of terrorism as seen in other cities of Europe.

The police have one person in custody related to the truck attack at this time.

A masked person hijacked the truck while the driver was delivering goods from the back of the truck. He tried to stop the hijacker but were run over.

Four days ago ISIS/Daesh called out for followers to commit attacks in US, Europe and Russia to make authorities focus away from fight on terrorism.

Remember – religion has nothing to do with this. This is acts of cowards. Every scripture describes exactly what happens to people doing this kind of things. Luckily. Because I’m furious.


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