Stockholm, my home

Beautiful Stockholm

I’m tired and affected by a long day including a terror attack. I just got in contact with my sister and with that my family is all accounted for. I couldn’t get in contact with her earlier because her office worked with the incident in a secluded area.

So, while I was sleeping (long time ago) Mr Trump pressed the war button. It seems like a impulsive response to the horrible pictures that came out of Syria. But it also seems like a typical Trump pattern. Doing the odd thing and then blame Obama. He might have gotten away with it this time but next time? Not likely. Attacking a sovereign country is a crime according to international law. Like Russia in Crimea, Like China in Hong Kong and so on. Hopefully it will not affect the American soldiers working to help Syria with Daesh.

The ones first to condemn the American airstrike was the countries that have stolen land and countries themselves. The world seem to be built on double standards. So many people doing their very best to kill as many as possible in one way or the other.


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