Chlorine gas used in Mosul today

Once America was an island. Tucked in with Canada and shielded by oceans.  Now, the island privileges are history. The south border have become problematic and must be sealed off. Somehow. And the “Over seas” have become a rhetoric and romantic past. Today America’s in reach of whom ever with the desire.

Mr Trump, being a fairly old guy, grew up with the cense of security. Except from the Cuba crisis. But he acts as security still shields America. As if he can do as he like abroad. Like nothing will ever come back at him and the American citizens.

I believe otherwise.

The international community should’ve investigated the chemical attack. The coalition should have approached the problem. As it seems now America can’t afford to sneeze in the middle east. And, does it make any difference that Daesh/ISIS used chlorine gas today in Mosul? Take a look at what other countries thinks:

Iran on the US strike in Syria

Russia on the US strike in Syria

SyrianArabNewsAgency on the US strike in Syria Stating that ISIS/Daesh launched chlorine gas in Mosul today Monday. 10 people dead.

Then we have the unavoidable – North Korea. It’s not a matter if, but when.


One thought on “Chlorine gas used in Mosul today

  1. Well, Trump has lived through a lot of history, the Korean war, the Vietnam war, the invasion of Grenada, and of Panama, of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, the battles in Somalia, and so on. And, he likely was not paying the least bit of attention to any of it at all. And now he is commander in chief, which means someone else will be influencing his every action, and his words and actions are likely to swing wildly.

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