Zyklon B, Mr Spicer

zyklon b

A pesticide invented in Germany in the early 1920s. Very chemical, very lethal and that’s how Hitler killed his own people and others. Jews, homosexuals, Roms, disabled and random people being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jean Spicer need to learn before speaking. This is one of the most important history lessons to learn.

Ignorance is a threat to the world.

One could also add that those were not “Holocaust centers”. They were gas chambers as you can see here. And the pipe in the ceiling doesn’t fix the cozy light because there were no light. The pipes delivered the gas.


Stay human and stay informed.


7 thoughts on “Zyklon B, Mr Spicer

    • We’re not meant to decide over other human beings lives in my opinion. Euthanasia is a very scary thing. I’ve seen a couple of documentaries and no, I have big issues about killing people. Because to me, that’s what it is. Maybe the medical science need to take some ethics into account.

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      • Yet it wouldn’t be the medical professionals doing it as they take the Hippocratic Oath and it is against their code of ethics. It would be lawyers, social workers, police officers, government officials. I understand cancer is painful. I’ve had a grade 4 cancer so I know it is painful but I am here because I hung in there. Pain is part of life but we have a duty to live for our loved ones until our last breath is taken away from us. That’s my opinion.

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      • O I had no idea. I’m glad you hung in there! Really.
        In Sweden we have a law saying that no patient should suffer pain. And we all trust that if or when that day comes and we need help, we’ll not have to suffer pain. With that I can’t see no need for legal killing people.

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