Trump should step down

Russia in American waters and skies. In the election and among trusted people in the administration. What could that mean? Any ideas? No, they’re not there for the burgers, trust me.


As long as the American president stays in the early stages of campaigning we are all exposed to danger. “The leader of the free world” bashing people, parties, networks, calling Washington a swamp, telling the world what a bad country America is. Bashing over half of it’s population. And remember, it doesn’t matter what party he belongs to. You just don’t do that.

In the eyes of the world, he appears weak. Contradicting himself saying he loves America. Every country watched the speech last night, probably wondering, who’s he fooling?

He’s probably strengthening his enemies in their beliefs that he’s a mad man. Making future diplomatic ties even more difficult. And the allies? Do they dare stand by his side?

If the world consisted of America only – fine. Then he could bash his people as much as he likes until a revolution, but there’s others out there. People that doesn’t care what networks he prefer or who did the most mistakes in the past. The common interest is stability in the world and Mr Trump can’t deliver.

The rallies are hurtful to America and the world. But he doesn’t see that, does he? No, it’s just a ego booster. He feels good doing it. People in the crowd are booing and clapping on the right spots. The language he’s able to understand.





There are two types of fear, rational and irrational fear. I have two irrational fears.  I’m not too keen about spiders or heights. For some reason I’m not afraid of Muslims. I don’t have Islamophobia. It’s great. Irrational fears is some kind of a test in itself. Who needs it?

So far I have not come across rational Islamophobia.  (Rational fear, by the way, is what you would feel when facing a bear, realizing your brakes don’t work on the highway and imminent things like that.) Islamophobia is not rational at all. But it is possible to build up irrational fear, and create things to be afraid of. Just like the bonfire stories youth like to tell. It often starts in small groups. Among family, neighbors and friends.

So if you manage to build up Islamophobia, you have achieved two things. You have created something you don’t really want. And if acting out, you have started to hurt people around you.

The words hurt. The posts in social media hurts. The YouTube films hurt. The epithets screamed at schoolyards hurt. Because yes, children are very quick to learn, and they are taught hatred. The more of this that Muslims have to face in their daily life, the more they are likely to turn extreme. To find a way to respond to oppression.That’s how it works.

If you come by a Muslim that you think is not integrated – you got half the responsibility.

It comes to my mind that when I was living in a country where I couldn’t understand the language, I didn’t know people but every time I walked the dirt road to run an errand it took hours. Because all the neighbors invited me, wanted me to eat, share a few moments and that is how a learned their language. It started in gardens. I learned the names of the fruit. There’s riches to be discovered. And I hope you find yours.






Very little politics and quite a bit insanity

When you think about the institution of the American president, you think trust. You see the unity between the president and the people. They might not always agree but you did get the feeling that the people had his back and he had their back. For better or for worse.

Now the view have changed thoroughly. And it’s kind of shocking. The latest example, of many, is that Trump think he’s been wiretapped. Well, I too would react but I would find the authority who could sort things out with me. But he didn’t. He turned to Twitter. I mean, who does that?

This is not politics. This is not about being democrat or republican. This is about something else. There are other examples that’s not politics. The inauguration crowd, the continuously smearing of Hillary and Obama. The promise to throw out the Muslims.

It’s weakness. Things done by a person that’s very insecure. That doesn’t have the inner strength to stand by himself. To create his own presidency. Lay his own ground where he’s secure. To call out all you think is bad is not the way forward. Not as an individual and even less as an institution.

If I was to give it a movie title it would be Titanic 2.

But it’s a beautiful morning in a cold Sweden:


Trump needs his leaks

The Flintstones also had a White House

If you’re a good liar you should have a good chance to get a job in the White House. The methods used to achieve their objectives is not the forward truth as we knew it.

Of course it starts to leak. The more the truth is covered up, the more leaks will come out. That’s what happens in closed societies as seen in the far east. The leaks will make America stay democratic. (As long as we don’t get to hear about where he’s nukes are pointing)

No one in the WH seem familiar with open and transparent working methods. No one seem to understand the importance in being scrutinized. And there is the threat to democracy. Agendas that can’t be viewed by the people shouldn’t be on the table. There should not be a need for lying or suggest alternative facts. That’s not to serve the people.

As Trump keep complaining about the leaks he seems okay with the people lying in the administration. He’s obviously more troubled about things leaking out.

Well, it’s not all bad. As long as the administration deals with internal problems it can’t stir up the world. Trust me, that would be so much worse.


I do not understand WordPress ethics

I’m all about freedom of speech. All about democracy. But sometimes I wonder what the WordPress values are. Since starting this blog I’ve come by a lot of things that I would not like to host myself.

I’m talking terrorism. Grooming, breeding and probably recruiting.

As my interests are religion, politics, middle east and the things that surrounds it I come by a surprisingly amount of blogs linked to terrorism activities. How is that?

And on the other hand, the pro white supremacy followers that compete in publishing horrible Daesh-victims pictures. I think I had WordPress remove one once. But the picture I’m talking about don’t leave my mind.

Since this is hosted on WordPress – they do own the problem, as I see it.In a global perspective – who does?

Fresh news about Mosul, Raqqah and fleeing terrorists

patchYesterday Daesh closed 20 checkpoints in Mosul and they search houses and civilians for devices that can be used to inform the world outside the encircled areas.

Thousands of people are fleeing both Mosul and Raqqah. Mainly in fear of Daesh and the bombings. The Iraqi security are screening everyone and arresting many suspected Daesh terrorists.


The American army held it’s weekly briefing last night on the status of liberating Raqqah and Mosul . It’s the medias main source so if you are interested in facts – this is it! Geneeral Townsend from Bagdad:” target=”_blank”>Operation Inherent Resolve

If you don’t have the time:

General Townsend said that one important task is to keep the different participants in line and focused on Daesh. There are many groups with various opinions on each other.Turkey have attacked the fighting Kurds several times and Russia accidentally bombed Syrian Arabic Liberation in an airstrike. No one seem to know where the Iranians are and al-Nusra and Turkey wants to remove Syrias al-Assad.

Foreign fighters doesn’t arrive in large numbers any more. From 2000/month a year ago to maximum 200/month today. Very few foreigners try to leave the encircled cities. They are probably told to stay and fight, Townsend says.

He also said that when Americans are shot at they respond accordingly. Other than that they don’t participate in combat. Their role are supportive.