Trump should step down

Russia in American waters and skies. In the election and among trusted people in the administration. What could that mean? Any ideas? No, they’re not there for the burgers, trust me.


As long as the American president stays in the early stages of campaigning we are all exposed to danger. “The leader of the free world” bashing people, parties, networks, calling Washington a swamp, telling the world what a bad country America is. Bashing over half of it’s population. And remember, it doesn’t matter what party he belongs to. You just don’t do that.

In the eyes of the world, he appears weak. Contradicting himself saying he loves America. Every country watched the speech last night, probably wondering, who’s he fooling?

He’s probably strengthening his enemies in their beliefs that he’s a mad man. Making future diplomatic ties even more difficult. And the allies? Do they dare stand by his side?

If the world consisted of America only – fine. Then he could bash his people as much as he likes until a revolution, but there’s others out there. People that doesn’t care what networks he prefer or who did the most mistakes in the past. The common interest is stability in the world and Mr Trump can’t deliver.

The rallies are hurtful to America and the world. But he doesn’t see that, does he? No, it’s just a ego booster. He feels good doing it. People in the crowd are booing and clapping on the right spots. The language he’s able to understand.


North Korea and fascism

North Korea never attracted my attention before. I knew next to nothing. Angry leader, communism, weird rules and that was about it. A blank spot on the map. But, I’ve done some studying and the biggest discovery is:

North Korea is a fascist state. People are starving so the leader can build his guns. People executed if they fail to shed tears in morning of previous leaders. People prohibited from their own opinions. And maybe the worst example: People living in fear of a imminent nuclear attack from America – each day for years. Millions of people suffering a horrible leader.

It’s the old fascist recipe for ruling – keep people in fear. Instigate segregation laws or apartheid laws. In the history there have been fears of Jews, Russians, Africans and today Americans, Muslims and so on. Create propaganda. Or “fake news”. Make believe.

Something about North Korea that would profoundly mess with my personality: The speakers everywhere. Playing music when they think you should go to bed or wake up in the morning.  The fusebox would blow for sure. I’ve lived hearing sermons in speakers and I’d take that any day. It’s cultural, it’s given by concern or love or lack of seats in the building. It’s not to annoy anyone.

I’m not sure the North Koreans want to be free. I don’t think they understand the concept of freedom. How can you, if you never saw it?



The father of all wars

I’ll say what the leaders of Europe don’t: Trump should have stayed with the “America first”-thing. The minute he abandoned that, the world became a much unsafer place. The “go alone” is not a strategy. It’s stupidity. One can justify just about anything, but acting alone when it comes to hostile acts is stupid.

Mr Trump seem to want to take on any loose cannon out there and there’s a few of them. Diplomacy doesn’t seem to be an option as he acts emotional. That is exactly what a businessman would do. Conquer or withdraw. And he’s not the withdrawing kind of guy.

Reports are saying that Europeans live in fear because of this. Do we? Well, as a Swede in a country that stayed out of war for over 200 years now, no. I don’t live in fear. Not for myself or for my country. I do, however fear, that all of this comes with a price. That America will have to pick up the bill and it’s not only about dollars. Lives will be at stake.

Living with the notion that “we have the greatest military in the world” works for any country until tested. Even if it might be true, it’s dangerous to live by that statement.

In the beginning of Trumps presidential career I was smiling at the willingness to salute the military. (Someone have taught him how to do it now) I got the feeling that he was most eager to work close to them. Boy, was I right about that.



Our Emigration to America


In the 19:th century there was a few years of no rain. The farmers begun to starve. No harvest and dead animals. Desperate time caused desperate measures. 20% of the total population emigrated from Sweden – to America. Similar stories all over Europe built America. Most Americans have a history of emigration. Well, everyone but the natives actually. Donald Trumps ancestors, for example, were expelled from Germany.

But you never know when it’s time to run. The melting north pole will probably make Americans run with a ladder when the ice melts. If that wall will be built.


Defeat terrorism or becoming one?

The Kanda, Sikh symbol

Terror according to Google: extreme fear, dread, horror, fear and trembling, fright, trepidation, alarm, panic, shock

A Sikh man shot in Kent, Washington. The shooter shouted “Go home to your country!”, as he worked on his car on his own drive way. Last week in Kansas a India man was shot dead and another one injured. Same shouting – the go-home rant.

Tombstones knocked over in three states.

Over 100 bomb threats called in to Jewish Community Centers.

There’s a secondary crime in all this. The terrorists causing this also causes extreme fear, dread, horror, fear and trembling, fright, trepidation, alarm, panic, shock to a lot of people. In my opinion they’re just as bad as any terrorist organization.

Who are these terrorists in America? Well, I think it’s people that doesn’t appreciate the laws. Chaos seems to be okay. Random shootings with racist epithets. I don’t expect the officials to understand the seriousness and that this undermines the democracy. But hopefully the people will.

I’m, once again, sorry that a innocent man were shot. I hope he recovers and can return safely to his family.

Putin owns USA


Since most of the Trump administration talked or met with the famous former Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, Putin owns USA. He could instruct the former ambassador to say anything he wants. What if Mr Kislyak talks to the media and tell them a fake story? What if he says that he was in on the complete election campaign. That would crush USA. Not likely but possible.

The other way being owned by Putin is that many Americans in powerful positions potentially could be subject to extortion. That’s more likely to happen.



I do not understand WordPress ethics

I’m all about freedom of speech. All about democracy. But sometimes I wonder what the WordPress values are. Since starting this blog I’ve come by a lot of things that I would not like to host myself.

I’m talking terrorism. Grooming, breeding and probably recruiting.

As my interests are religion, politics, middle east and the things that surrounds it I come by a surprisingly amount of blogs linked to terrorism activities. How is that?

And on the other hand, the pro white supremacy followers that compete in publishing horrible Daesh-victims pictures. I think I had WordPress remove one once. But the picture I’m talking about don’t leave my mind.

Since this is hosted on WordPress – they do own the problem, as I see it.In a global perspective – who does?