Nazis on the street and a burning mosque


Here’s the people inventing rape rates, no-go-zones, refugee numbers, and gladly contributing to Breitbart articles making Sweden look like a war zone. Here’s the guys that’s working very hard online to make sure that every republican in America knows how “bad” and horrible Sweden is.  Read more: anger-in-sweden-over-neo-nazis-may-day-march Continue reading


The father of all wars

I’ll say what the leaders of Europe don’t: Trump should have stayed with the “America first”-thing. The minute he abandoned that, the world became a much unsafer place. The “go alone” is not a strategy. It’s stupidity. One can justify just about anything, but acting alone when it comes to hostile acts is stupid.

Mr Trump seem to want to take on any loose cannon out there and there’s a few of them. Diplomacy doesn’t seem to be an option as he acts emotional. That is exactly what a businessman would do. Conquer or withdraw. And he’s not the withdrawing kind of guy.

Reports are saying that Europeans live in fear because of this. Do we? Well, as a Swede in a country that stayed out of war for over 200 years now, no. I don’t live in fear. Not for myself or for my country. I do, however fear, that all of this comes with a price. That America will have to pick up the bill and it’s not only about dollars. Lives will be at stake.

Living with the notion that “we have the greatest military in the world” works for any country until tested. Even if it might be true, it’s dangerous to live by that statement.

In the beginning of Trumps presidential career I was smiling at the willingness to salute the military. (Someone have taught him how to do it now) I got the feeling that he was most eager to work close to them. Boy, was I right about that.



Stockholm, my home

Beautiful Stockholm

I’m tired and affected by a long day including a terror attack. I just got in contact with my sister and with that my family is all accounted for. I couldn’t get in contact with her earlier because her office worked with the incident in a secluded area.

So, while I was sleeping (long time ago) Mr Trump pressed the war button. It seems like a impulsive response to the horrible pictures that came out of Syria. But it also seems like a typical Trump pattern. Doing the odd thing and then blame Obama. He might have gotten away with it this time but next time? Not likely. Attacking a sovereign country is a crime according to international law. Like Russia in Crimea, Like China in Hong Kong and so on. Hopefully it will not affect the American soldiers working to help Syria with Daesh.

The ones first to condemn the American airstrike was the countries that have stolen land and countries themselves. The world seem to be built on double standards. So many people doing their very best to kill as many as possible in one way or the other.

Northern Light

Aurora Borealis

I just want to share some Northern Light with you. During winter in Sweden it appears and it’s very difficult to catch on photo. Actually this is my first with my mobile camera. It jumps like music becoming alive without sound. It’s amazing. But don’t worry. More politics and Middle East reflections are back tomorrow!








Very little politics and quite a bit insanity

When you think about the institution of the American president, you think trust. You see the unity between the president and the people. They might not always agree but you did get the feeling that the people had his back and he had their back. For better or for worse.

Now the view have changed thoroughly. And it’s kind of shocking. The latest example, of many, is that Trump think he’s been wiretapped. Well, I too would react but I would find the authority who could sort things out with me. But he didn’t. He turned to Twitter. I mean, who does that?

This is not politics. This is not about being democrat or republican. This is about something else. There are other examples that’s not politics. The inauguration crowd, the continuously smearing of Hillary and Obama. The promise to throw out the Muslims.

It’s weakness. Things done by a person that’s very insecure. That doesn’t have the inner strength to stand by himself. To create his own presidency. Lay his own ground where he’s secure. To call out all you think is bad is not the way forward. Not as an individual and even less as an institution.

If I was to give it a movie title it would be Titanic 2.

But it’s a beautiful morning in a cold Sweden:


Our Emigration to America


In the 19:th century there was a few years of no rain. The farmers begun to starve. No harvest and dead animals. Desperate time caused desperate measures. 20% of the total population emigrated from Sweden – to America. Similar stories all over Europe built America. Most Americans have a history of emigration. Well, everyone but the natives actually. Donald Trumps ancestors, for example, were expelled from Germany.

But you never know when it’s time to run. The melting north pole will probably make Americans run with a ladder when the ice melts. If that wall will be built.


The Iraqi man and his dream

I was driving an Iraqi man to his doctors appointment. While driving through the forest he told me how beautiful Sweden is. We talked a little about Sweden and suddenly he tells me the story of how he decided to come and live in Sweden.

He dreamed of peace for his family but it was nowhere to be seen. So, whenever he could, he started search the internet for a place to go. He had two criteria; It must be far away and have no war. He looked at maps, studied information and there it was – Sweden.

“Did you know, he said, Sweden didn’t have a war for two hundred years.” This really excited him. And at the end of the ride he concluded, with a smile, that the beauty of Sweden is a bonus. The main goals were reached: Far, far away from Iraq and no war.