Sarin gas in Syria

A lot of countries are present in Syria. Those that are not keep their eyes open. I bet even the Eskimos have their tellies tuned in to keep up with developments. Still, someone decides to bomb children with chemical weapons.  Possibly sarin gas, says experts. At least 58 people dead. 11 of them are children.

Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad is said to be the one behind the attack. He’s been found guilty of chemicals attacks three times before. He should be brought to justice. War crimes are also crimes!

Report from a Syrian hospital

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Short news about: Daesh

Tabqa Dam in Syria

Daesh tries to survive through forming new groups. “Salman al-Farisi” is one of them aiming for Iran. 200 children have been kidnapped in west of Mosul to pose shield to the Daesh fighters.

Mosul ( The Islamic State has killed its judge of the so-called Tigris State for refusing to partake in an attack on security forces, a local source from Nineveh has said.

The traditional black clothing have changed. Either they’ve retrieved civilian fighters or they try to “blend in” but they wear western clothes and sometimes uniforms looking like Iraqi forces.

Muhedi Jayila, Commander of the Syrian Elite Forces, said in an exclusive interview with ARA News that they have joined the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces SDF campaign to liberate Raqqa Governorate from Daesh (ISIS) militants.

Tabqa Dam, south west of Raqqah overtake have been delayed due to propaganda from Daesh that it could collapse. The information wasn’t truth. The Tabqa Dam will be taken over and SDF will continue it’s way to Raqqah.

Last days in Middle East – a recap

Lets start with Turkey, the prime minister Erdogan stalls the re-take of Raqqah in Syria. Why? He’s grumpy about US cooperation with YPG, the Kurds. US on the other hand cooperate with forces who have the same objective – to get rid of Daesh. Turkey is angry and frustrated over being powerless in the matter. To them Kurds are terrorists. However, Erdogan can possibly call himself President after the election in the matter April 16. It would increase Mr Erdogans power. He also seem to hold some grudges against Europe (since Turkey not yet been accepter into EU due to human right issues.) and have encouraged all Turks in EU to have at least five children in every family. That would, according to Erdogan, make Europe a continent with Turkish values in the future. The advancing in Syria seem a bit slow. Possibly because of Turkeys ultimatum.

In Iraq civilians are fleeing Mosul in large numbers. The people lack food, water, shoes and everything essential. Iraqi forces is said to be about 600 meters from the  Great Mosque of al-Nuri. A important milestone for the Iraqi army as the mosque is the one from where al-Baghdadi declared the caliphate.

Grand Mosque of al-Nuri
Great Mosque of al-Nuri, Mosul Iraq

4 Israeli military aircraft have been sighted close to Palmyra in Syria. For some reason they’re targeting Hezbollah – not Daesh. And it’s clearly a violation of a sovereign country.

Russia was invited by al-Assad in Syria and are considered the only nation not invading Syria, according to al-Assad.

But there are Canadians on the ground, educating coalition members. And Iranians. I’ve tried to figure out where they are and what they are doing in terms of military aid but no one seems to know. Iranian PressTV interview religious leaders who seem angry at everyone involved in this mess and most of all at Saudi Arabia.

A mosque was hit in al-Jinah and 49 people lost their lives. Al-Quaida according to USA and civilians according to Syria.

It’s so easy for national leaders to interfere and have opinions on things. Blaming each other instead of coming together. There are people that need to be saved. Countries that needs to be rebuild. How hard is that to understand?







A gap in the reporting from Syria and Iraq


It’s silent. No reporting from Syria or Iraq. No weekly press conference from Pentagon since ten days. Well, we know there are more Americans on the ground, but other than that?

As the fight is going on and people still dies, I would like to know. Kind of being reassured that things are going the right way.

Turkey disapprove that the US cooperate with the Kurds. On the other hand the Kurds have proven to be very able to take on Daesh. So far the Kurds have done most of the work defeating Daesh. Despite the fact that Turkey launch attacks on the Kurds every now and then. As a member of Nato Turkey probably causes headaches to the US.

The Turkish foreign minister says to Russian Television (RT) that Turkey could solve the Syrian and Iraqi problems on their own. Syria’s Bashar al-Assad says to Chinese television that only Russia is invited on Syrian ground. The rest are invaders.

The notable news today, Daesh destroyed fake ancient items. The real ones were sold according to

al_Baghdadi on the road at Syrian border


Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi repordetly has been seen at the Syrian border traveling unguarded to avoid suspicions.Apparently he’s in poor condition due to past traumas. However, al-Baghdadi is said to be dissatisfied with the Iraqi fighters who now is lead by foreigners.

Source: Iraqi News

This might be rumors but if he want to save himself Mosul might not be the safest place so he’s likely trying to relocate himself.

Fresh news about Mosul, Raqqah and fleeing terrorists

patchYesterday Daesh closed 20 checkpoints in Mosul and they search houses and civilians for devices that can be used to inform the world outside the encircled areas.

Thousands of people are fleeing both Mosul and Raqqah. Mainly in fear of Daesh and the bombings. The Iraqi security are screening everyone and arresting many suspected Daesh terrorists.


The American army held it’s weekly briefing last night on the status of liberating Raqqah and Mosul . It’s the medias main source so if you are interested in facts – this is it! Geneeral Townsend from Bagdad:” target=”_blank”>Operation Inherent Resolve

If you don’t have the time:

General Townsend said that one important task is to keep the different participants in line and focused on Daesh. There are many groups with various opinions on each other.Turkey have attacked the fighting Kurds several times and Russia accidentally bombed Syrian Arabic Liberation in an airstrike. No one seem to know where the Iranians are and al-Nusra and Turkey wants to remove Syrias al-Assad.

Foreign fighters doesn’t arrive in large numbers any more. From 2000/month a year ago to maximum 200/month today. Very few foreigners try to leave the encircled cities. They are probably told to stay and fight, Townsend says.

He also said that when Americans are shot at they respond accordingly. Other than that they don’t participate in combat. Their role are supportive.



Head of ISIS: al-Baghdadi’s “farewell speech”

abu-bakr-al-baghdadi-650x384Nineveh (

Alsumaria News quoted local sources saying that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi made a “farewell speech” to his combatants in battlefields, ordering them to “flee and hide in mountainous areas” in Iraq and Syria. The text of the speech was disseminated among other speakers to read out to fighters at various areas in western Mosul.

The directives tell fighters to blow themselves up once encircled by Iraqi troops, the source claims, adding that senior commanders close to Baghdadi were moving on the borderline between Syria and Iraq. “The leaders of the so-called Mujahideen Shura (advisory) Council have all fled Nineveh and Tal Afar to Syria.”