100 quite unbelievable days

The White House opened it doors to a bunch of people that didn’t mind bring the lies with them. Hard to feed the American people but still, with some success. We learned words like “alternative fact” and “fake news”. The worlds local media scratched their heads and didn’t really know if it was for real.

I guess we all hoped for the country to come together. But on the contrary, the campaign-like rallies kept going on and the people got more divided. Races, colors, religion – everything got infected. Actually to the extent that two Sikh Indian men got shot and killed. Mistaken for being Muslims.

Then the demonstrations, rallies, clashes, trouble in the streets. You Tube got flooded with movies showing racial attacks with political pretext. Trump didn’t notice, did he?

I guess Trump’s been busy Twittering about all the bad stuff Obama did. I don’t see the need for competition though. But he doesn’t seem able to let go. Or is it a smoke screen for all the Russian connections in the administration?

The worlds local media really thrived discovering how far the Russians got in to the American establishment. But Trump didn’t notice, did he? No, he cried about getting his “wires tapped”. Which led back to Russia. As the voting fraud. As the daily visit in the skies of Alaska lately. People denounced them selves or got fired.

I, myself, hoped for the administration to focus more on domestic matters, but that didn’t happen. American troops moved to Poland and the Korean peninsula. There’s fighting going on in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen.  And the tension in the world have risen way to much. Hopefully American troops won’t be put in harms way.

Much of what have been said during the Trump campaign have been reversed. Opinions have turned around completely. NATO being “obsolete” is one really bad thing to say. Without friends – what would you do? Well, Russian boots would probably go west. I’m sure Putin has every option on the table. As always.

So far, we’ve seen one man going from ignorance to a little bit of more knowledge about the world. The more he learn the greater will America do during these four years of adventure. Money isn’t the glue that keeps nations together. It’s relations.


The father of all wars

I’ll say what the leaders of Europe don’t: Trump should have stayed with the “America first”-thing. The minute he abandoned that, the world became a much unsafer place. The “go alone” is not a strategy. It’s stupidity. One can justify just about anything, but acting alone when it comes to hostile acts is stupid.

Mr Trump seem to want to take on any loose cannon out there and there’s a few of them. Diplomacy doesn’t seem to be an option as he acts emotional. That is exactly what a businessman would do. Conquer or withdraw. And he’s not the withdrawing kind of guy.

Reports are saying that Europeans live in fear because of this. Do we? Well, as a Swede in a country that stayed out of war for over 200 years now, no. I don’t live in fear. Not for myself or for my country. I do, however fear, that all of this comes with a price. That America will have to pick up the bill and it’s not only about dollars. Lives will be at stake.

Living with the notion that “we have the greatest military in the world” works for any country until tested. Even if it might be true, it’s dangerous to live by that statement.

In the beginning of Trumps presidential career I was smiling at the willingness to salute the military. (Someone have taught him how to do it now) I got the feeling that he was most eager to work close to them. Boy, was I right about that.



Zyklon B, Mr Spicer

zyklon b

A pesticide invented in Germany in the early 1920s. Very chemical, very lethal and that’s how Hitler killed his own people and others. Jews, homosexuals, Roms, disabled and random people being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jean Spicer need to learn before speaking. This is one of the most important history lessons to learn.

Ignorance is a threat to the world.

One could also add that those were not “Holocaust centers”. They were gas chambers as you can see here. And the pipe in the ceiling doesn’t fix the cozy light because there were no light. The pipes delivered the gas.


Stay human and stay informed.

Chlorine gas used in Mosul today

Once America was an island. Tucked in with Canada and shielded by oceans.  Now, the island privileges are history. The south border have become problematic and must be sealed off. Somehow. And the “Over seas” have become a rhetoric and romantic past. Today America’s in reach of whom ever with the desire.

Mr Trump, being a fairly old guy, grew up with the cense of security. Except from the Cuba crisis. But he acts as security still shields America. As if he can do as he like abroad. Like nothing will ever come back at him and the American citizens.

I believe otherwise.

The international community should’ve investigated the chemical attack. The coalition should have approached the problem. As it seems now America can’t afford to sneeze in the middle east. And, does it make any difference that Daesh/ISIS used chlorine gas today in Mosul? Take a look at what other countries thinks:

Iran on the US strike in Syria

Russia on the US strike in Syria

SyrianArabNewsAgency on the US strike in Syria

IraqiNews.com Stating that ISIS/Daesh launched chlorine gas in Mosul today Monday. 10 people dead.

Then we have the unavoidable – North Korea. It’s not a matter if, but when.

The Stockholm terrorist

Something must have gone wrong. He survived. Sources say that there were explosives in the truck so he might have had other plans.

The police published the pictures short after the attack causing people to recognize him as he entered a train and went home. Publishing the picture caused the quick arrest.

The guy is a Uzbek citizen and allegedly a person of interest to Russia. He is affiliated with Hizb-ut-Tahrir a pan-islamic political organization. He’s also said to be one of Daesh followers.

He seem to have five kids and a normal family life on the side.

Stockholm, my home

Beautiful Stockholm

I’m tired and affected by a long day including a terror attack. I just got in contact with my sister and with that my family is all accounted for. I couldn’t get in contact with her earlier because her office worked with the incident in a secluded area.

So, while I was sleeping (long time ago) Mr Trump pressed the war button. It seems like a impulsive response to the horrible pictures that came out of Syria. But it also seems like a typical Trump pattern. Doing the odd thing and then blame Obama. He might have gotten away with it this time but next time? Not likely. Attacking a sovereign country is a crime according to international law. Like Russia in Crimea, Like China in Hong Kong and so on. Hopefully it will not affect the American soldiers working to help Syria with Daesh.

The ones first to condemn the American airstrike was the countries that have stolen land and countries themselves. The world seem to be built on double standards. So many people doing their very best to kill as many as possible in one way or the other.

Updated: 4 dead, 12 injured and a man arrested in Stockholm attack


4 people are confirmed dead and  12 people seriously injured in Stockholm, Sweden. The attack happened at Drottninggatan, the very heart of Stockholm. A truck ran in to a crowd of people. It has the hallmarks of terrorism as seen in other cities of Europe.

The police have one person in custody related to the truck attack at this time.

A masked person hijacked the truck while the driver was delivering goods from the back of the truck. He tried to stop the hijacker but were run over.

Four days ago ISIS/Daesh called out for followers to commit attacks in US, Europe and Russia to make authorities focus away from fight on terrorism.

Remember – religion has nothing to do with this. This is acts of cowards. Every scripture describes exactly what happens to people doing this kind of things. Luckily. Because I’m furious.