As homegrown as they come

2 New York City Men Plead Guilty to Trying to Help the Islamic State

Young men are sitting at their computers wishing they were tougher, stronger, better looking, adored, loved, needed. Looking for a purpose. The one talent that will make all the difference.

And on the other side you find just that. Someone confirms your needs. You get the chance to make a difference and everyone  will notice you. The invisible guy will have his whole life changed. All the needs fulfilled in a tap on the keyboard.

It’s not that hard to imagine how these guys can be recruited. Whether it’s Islamic state or other extremists. It’s usually people with good, loving homes. The parents can’t believe…even they have noticed a few changes.

The American law enforcement did a good job on these two guys:Read the article here


The Yezidi woman at the airport


The airport call out her name and inform her that she can not enter the plane to the USA. This is her luggage:

Yezidis practice ancient Mesopotamian religions (not Islam). They speak kurmanji (North Kurdish). They are a ethnic minority. Caught in a trap of hatred. There are estimated 35 mass graves at the Iraqi border towards Syria. The genocide (also known as Sinjar massacre) was conducted by Daesh (ISIS) in 2014. They executed 7000 men and captured 5000 women and children (girls) for sexual slave purposes. Most of them still missing.

For more fact om this visit the website of their American help organization:

If this women is not granted entrance in the US – then who is?