North Korea and fascism

North Korea never attracted my attention before. I knew next to nothing. Angry leader, communism, weird rules and that was about it. A blank spot on the map. But, I’ve done some studying and the biggest discovery is:

North Korea is a fascist state. People are starving so the leader can build his guns. People executed if they fail to shed tears in morning of previous leaders. People prohibited from their own opinions. And maybe the worst example: People living in fear of a imminent nuclear attack from America – each day for years. Millions of people suffering a horrible leader.

It’s the old fascist recipe for ruling – keep people in fear. Instigate segregation laws or apartheid laws. In the history there have been fears of Jews, Russians, Africans and today Americans, Muslims and so on. Create propaganda. Or “fake news”. Make believe.

Something about North Korea that would profoundly mess with my personality: The speakers everywhere. Playing music when they think you should go to bed or wake up in the morning.  The fusebox would blow for sure. I’ve lived hearing sermons in speakers and I’d take that any day. It’s cultural, it’s given by concern or love or lack of seats in the building. It’s not to annoy anyone.

I’m not sure the North Koreans want to be free. I don’t think they understand the concept of freedom. How can you, if you never saw it?




Chlorine gas used in Mosul today

Once America was an island. Tucked in with Canada and shielded by oceans.  Now, the island privileges are history. The south border have become problematic and must be sealed off. Somehow. And the “Over seas” have become a rhetoric and romantic past. Today America’s in reach of whom ever with the desire.

Mr Trump, being a fairly old guy, grew up with the cense of security. Except from the Cuba crisis. But he acts as security still shields America. As if he can do as he like abroad. Like nothing will ever come back at him and the American citizens.

I believe otherwise.

The international community should’ve investigated the chemical attack. The coalition should have approached the problem. As it seems now America can’t afford to sneeze in the middle east. And, does it make any difference that Daesh/ISIS used chlorine gas today in Mosul? Take a look at what other countries thinks:

Iran on the US strike in Syria

Russia on the US strike in Syria

SyrianArabNewsAgency on the US strike in Syria Stating that ISIS/Daesh launched chlorine gas in Mosul today Monday. 10 people dead.

Then we have the unavoidable – North Korea. It’s not a matter if, but when.

Trump and the itch for pressing the button

PushI’ve pondered – what country will be attacked first by the US. There’s a few countries to choose from.

Iran that was put on notice, Syria and al-Assad regime, and my number one: North Korea. Now I have to rethink.

The very horrible pictures from the chemical attack in Syria might change things. It’s a lot of blaming going on, on what happened, and who did what. But eventually we’ll know who was responsible for the chemical nerve agent killing innocent people. And if it points at al-Assad Trump might want to show some kind of strength.

The pictures from Syria reminded me of what I learned in the military. What to do if it happens. The drills we went through over and over again.

I don’t believe that any of that kids struggling for air survived. The nerves was already damaged. And it makes me furious. It’s hard to grasp that any human being can commit such a horrific crime. But nothing should really surprise anymore. Not after seeing terror organizations actions.

Back on topic. Trump. The itch for pressing the button. I think a war will be the ultimate distraction from all national damage he’s done to himself and the administration. He twitters, new investigations and so it goes over and over again. The easy way out – war. But who is going to pay?